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1st Day of My Summer Vacation and Feel Lax Already

I feel guilty already for sleeping in on my 1st day of Summer break from teaching. I was able to pull a few bad weeds that were upsetting my kitty kats, they were so thorny and sharp. So took care of a few bad weeds in the yard. Then tried to get in touch with this employer for a job and that seemed quite pointless. So then I felt frustrated as I could not even get the old car smogged today. I felt like i didn't do anything today useful, except pull weeds and watch my miniature alligator slowly expand while absorbing oodles of water immersed in this tub Im doing a science project to pass time away beginning with that as my 1st Summer science lab. It definitely reminds me to not forget to take my own water pill or I may retain tons of water like the slowly becoming humongous water gator I am watching to see how big he gets. It seems like a form of "Water Torture" to a former bulimic, who in her past, abused diurex daily.

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