Plan A NEDA Walk

If you are 18 years old or older and interested in coordinating a NEDA Walk in your local community, please let the National Walk Manager know by emailing NEDA will send you the NEDA Walk Preliminary Interest Packet, which will give you a brief overview of how to coordinate a walk and what NEDA expects. Once you have decided that you are serious about organizing a NEDA Walk, send the required forms in the NEDA Walk Preliminary Interest Packet to the National Walk Manager. From there, you will be sent a NEDA Walk Manual that provides instructions, suggestions and resources to help you at every stage of the walk planning and day of your walk activities.  The NEDA National Walk Manager, who oversees all NEDA Walks, will be there to help you with anything and everything!  

Steps to Coordinating a NEDA Walk  

  1. Notify the National Walk Manager. NEDA strongly recommends that you express your interest to coordinate a walk at least six to eight months before your desired walk date. The earlier you get the process started and the earlier you get the walk on the website, the more successful an event you will have!
  2. Review the NEDA Walk Interest Packet. NEDA will send you a brief overview of how NEDA Walks operate and what is expected of you, the walk coordinator.
  3. Select a Walk Venue. NEDA strongly recommends that the walk be along a scenic route, such as a park or public square. If you need help selecting the walk location, securing a walk route (for example, if there is a permit or location rental paperwork to be filled out), the National Walk Manager can help out.
  4. Select a Walk Date. The walk date often depends on the location/venue availability and amount of pre-walk work involved. NEDA strongly recommends that you begin planning for a walk at least eight months before your desired date, to ensure maximum participant registrations, time for sponsorship solicitations, and walk logistics.
  5. Send in the NEDA Walk Information & Agreement Forms. Once you have all of this information, fill out the NEDA Walk Information Form and NEDA Walk Agreement Forms that were included in the NEDA Walk Interest Packet sent to you by the National Walk Manager, and send back to the National Walk Manager (fax or email is best).
  6. Review the NEDA Walk Manual. As soon as the National Walk Manager recieves your information & agreement forms, you will be sent an exhaustive and comprehensive NEDA Walk Manual.
  7. Establish a Walk Committee. Once you have gotten the approval of the National Walk Manager, establish a walk committee, consisting of at least a walk coordinator, and a committee member in charge of logistics, a committee member in charge of participant (walker) outreach and recruitment/registrations, a committee member in charge of soliciting walk sponsorships, and a committee member in charge of media and publicity. Please note, not all walks have committees, especially smaller walks. However, if you have people willing to help, a committee is a great way to involve them and spread the work load around.
  8. Have a fun, successful event!