Public Membership

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Professional Membership

If you are interested in joining our professional membership program, please contact Gabe Gavito at (212) 575-6200 or

Benefits for all NEDA Professional Members
We list your name and contact information, along with details about your practice on our web site. Our website receives over 136,000 hits per month and had more than 1,185,000 unique users last year. As a NEDA Professional Member you will receive:
  • Website Link A hot link from our website to yours – originating from your referral listing.
  • National Toll-Free Helpline Listing Your listing provided by fax or mail to people who request treatment referrals from our 1-800 number and by email. (Approximately 17,000 contacts per year)
  • E-Magazine and Member Only Communications A digital subscription to our Making Connections magazine, as well as other mailings and email alerts about events, conferences, continuing education, research grants and more.
  • Membership Packet Includes a certificate to hang in your office and sample educational materials.
  • Online Membership Updates Free access to your referral listing online 24 hours per day, so you can update your referral listing whenever you like.