Jr. Board

NEDA’s Junior Board -- officially launched in January 2008, is an exciting new structure within the NEDA framework to build young philanthropy, leadership, advocates and policy makers within the field of eating disorders. The individuals of the Junior Board have pledged to assist the work of the organization through its mission and financially. One of its primary goals is to build awareness for the cause on college campuses through NEDAwareness Week.

The Jr. Board hopes to expand with more members to build a strong leadership team. We are thrilled to have the following core group of individuals.


Erin Hall, Chair

Mary Hageman, Vice Chair

Troy Roness, Ed. M. Cognitive Science, Secretary

Christopher Skarinka, Treasurer

Brooks Brodrick, MD. PhD.

Heather Hower, MSW, LICSW, ACSW, QCSW

Lauren Steiner