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Treatment Provider Listing:

Please click here to sign up for a professional listing with NEDA. Our website receives over 136,000 hits per month and had more than 1 million unique users last year.  During NEDAwareness Week in 2014:

  • NEDA received over 81,000 unique visitors to our website. 
  • Helpline Traffic increased 67%
  • Click to Chat users increased by 157%
  • Nearly 11,000 people used our online screening tool

Treatment Provider Listing Includes:

  • Your name and contact information, along with details about your practice on our web site.
  • Website Link: A hot link from our website to yours – originating from your listing.
  • National Toll-Free Helpline Listing: Your listing provided by all forms of communications (email, click-to- chat, fax etc.) to people who request treatment referrals through our Helpline channels (we referred over 6,800 individuals to professionals for care).
  • Free access to your listing for updates and changes

NEDA Professional Champion
Professional Champions are individuals who are in our referral listing and have generously donated $200 or more.  These individuals will be listed as supporters of our mission on a designated page of our website for the calendar year. There will be a button on the sidebar of the referral search page where visitors can click on the page and view the Professional Champions, as well as a click through on the “Who We Are” section of NEDA’s website.
Become a Professional Champion, donate now.