NEDA'S Solutions Through Advocacy and Reform (STAR) Program

A Program for State and Federal Advocacy

NEDA established the STAR Program to legislatively advocate for awareness, education, early intervention and prevention programs, funding for research, and improved access for the treatment of eating disorders. STAR is driven by passionate volunteers who lobby for change by speaking with legislators, mobilizing members, and forging alliances with other groups who share our vision. You don’t need experience to make a difference! Contact for more information.

Get Involved!

Passionate and dedicated volunteers bring about change. Your voice and actions can make a difference in the fight against eating disorders. Interested in becoming a volunteer in NEDA's STAR Program? Click here to apply now!

Action Center

NEDA's Action Center makes it easy for you to get involved and use your voice for change. Help us advocate on behalf of those with eating disorders and their families! View some of our current actions below, or visit our Action Center to see all past and current actions.

State Actions

New York

The New York State Senate and Assembly have recently passed important legislation to establish an eating disorders awareness and prevention program in the state. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Kemp Hannon (R) and Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (D) (S2530/A5294), is now awaiting the governor's approval. Ask Governor Cuomo to sign this important legislation into law! Act Now!


Ask your legislators to support legislation that would require schools to provide parents of children in grades 5-12 with information about eating disorders, and create guidelines for local school boards that want to develop an eating-disorder screening program. Act Now!

Federal Actions

Thank Senator McCaskill and Colleagues for Taking the Diet Industry to Task!

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill lead a Consumer Protection panel that took aim at weight-loss diet scams. At the hearing, senators urged media outlets to strengthen the screening of false advertising of diet and weight loss products. Thank Senator McCaskill and the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance for their leadership on this issue.  Act Now!

The National Eating Disorders Awareness Caucus

In 2012, NEDA created the first National Eating Disorders Awareness Caucus in Congress, and we are working to grow its membership. Click here to see the current Caucus members. If your representative is not on the list, send a letter asking him/her to join. Act Now!

The Mental Health Access Improvement Act

As a result of NEDA's efforts, Congressman Chris Gibson (R-NY) and Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA) have joined together to introduce H.R. 3662, the House counterpart to S.562, The Mental Health Access Improvement Act. Ask your representative to co-sponsor the bill. Act Now!

Truth in Advertising

NEDA has joined other eating disorders advocates to support the Truth in Advertising Act, which calls on the FTC to submit to Congress a report on the use of altered images in advertising for the promotion of commercial products. Sign the petition to ask our leaders to support Truth in Advertising! Act Now!

State and Federal Advocacy Updates

 To learn more about past and current efforts, please view our STAR Updates.